Congratulations on joining Pack 95! You’ve filled out the paperwork, you have been told many things and dates and your head is swimming with information. Especially for those of you who have never been in scouting before. Now it’s time to get that boy a uniform.

You have a few options. The first is to go to the Scout Shop in Liberty Park. It is underneath the Statue of Liberty right off of I-459. The address is 516 Liberty Parkway, Birmingham, Alabama 35242. They have everything you need and will be happy to help you pick it out. Your other option is to find a friend who’s child is out of scouting and see if you can have their old uniform. Be warned, cub scouts play hard. You can also purchase the uniform from but really, you want to go out and try it on.

So let’s run down a list of items you will need for a Class A uniform.

Official blue Cub Scout shirt.
On this shirt you need a council patch, the red numbers 95, world scout crest emblem and if you want you can get a small 50 anniversary patch that goes between the council patch and the numbers. You probably don’t need a den number.

Official blue Cub Scout pants.
These pants have zip off pants legs that turn them into shorts and are really great. Is your boy growing fast, he may be out the pants pretty quick. Here is a secret, if you don’t want to buy the pants right now, get a pair of blue pants or shorts that match the blue in color. Don’t tell anyone, it’s our secret.

You will also need a cub scout belt. There is a tiger cub specific belt but you will be out of that in a year so get the regular belt. Tiger Cubs can also get a hat.

There are a couple of things you do not need to purchase. The first is the neckerchief. The pack presents them to new scouts and to scouts who have moved up. You will need some kind of slide. This could be an official slide from the scout shop or you could make your own such as a woggle. You can find instructions on our post “Introducing the woggle.”

The Class B Uniform is the pack 95 cub scout t-shirt that we will be handing our soon. This can be worn with any pair of pants.

Now that you’ve purchased the uniform and all those patches you need to sew them on the uniform in the correct places. You can visit the Boy Scout website to get an overview and you can download the uniform inspection sheet to help you.

If your handy with a needle and thread then this should be no problem for you. If you need some help and you don’t know anyone who can do it then try Alabama Reweaving in Homewood or some other alteration shop. For a small price they will do it for you.

Another way to affix your badges to your uniform is using Badge Magic. Over time the badges will curl up on the corner and it leaves a stain if you remove the patches but it may be the ticket for you.

If your child happen to be joining as a webelo then he should consider getting the uniform that is similar to the boy scouts and leaders. If you have any questions make sure you get in touch with me or any other leader and we can guide you along.