As long as I have been a member of the pack we have not attended cub scout day camp in great numbers. Last summer Chris Chapman made it his goal to get every cub in the pack to attend day camp and he didn’t do to bad. We had a decent sized group, especially among the Bears.

This years camp will be held July 16-20 at Oak Mountain State Park. It’s not to early to start planning and put it on your calendar. Parents, we need you at camp as well.  For every five kids we have at camp we need one parent there for the day. I hope to have 10 Webelos I’s in a den. I plan to be there all week but I will need an assistant each day. If If I could get five parents to be there for one day we are covered and no one is inconvenienced. That is just for the Webelos I group. We need leaders at every level.

Back to why you should attend. First, your son will earn anywhere from a third to half of the achievements required for their badge. With a little extra effort you can knockout the rest of the achievements before school starts. I bet most of the kids who earned a badge in the fall was at day camp.

Second… IT’S FUN!

Oh and its a great way to get the kids out of the house.

If you have any more questions about day camp, get in touch with Chris Chapman and visit