Pack 95 Webelos 2012-2013

This past weekend both Webelos groups spent the weekend at Tannehill State Park for Encampment 2012. The goal of this campout was to introduce the Webelos 1 to camping like a Boy Scout. What this means is we didn’t do everything for them and they had to work as a team.

Cub Scouts are parent-lead while Boy Scouts are boy-lead. With Cub Scout camping we set up the kitchen, cook the food and feed the boys. We may even setup a their tent. You would be surprised how tall some of these tents are. Not so with Boy Scouts.

When Boy Scouts get to their campsites the leaders say “we will be on this side of the campsite, you boys are on the other.” Boy Scouts are expected to setup camp, cook their food, provide the campfire entertainment, have a scouts own service and break camp. They are expected to handle the planning before hand as well.

Instead of throwing a new Boy Scout into the fire, we train them as a Webelos.

About half the boys on this trip will be crossing over to a troop in March and have some training. For the others this was the first trip without the mobile support system we usually have.

We taught them how to make hobo meals and how to start a campfire. We taught them what to take on a hike and we made a three mile hike. We visited Camp Jack Wright to see what a Boy Scout Camp looks like. They also put together skits and songs for our campfire program.

All the Webelos 1 in attendance earned their Outdoorsman pin, a requirement for Arrow of Light. All in all it was a great trip and we are already looking forward to Camporee in February.