Webelos Help With Eagle Project

The Webelos 1 den met this past week to work on their Craftsman pin. There are six projects that must be completed to earn this pin and a couple involve using wood. We had one project to go and leaders were trying to decide what to do when we heard that a Life Scout at Troop 97 needed help building bird houses.

Nick Anderson is an Eagle Candidate and is in the middle of his Eagle project. All Eagle candidates will complete a service project that is helpful to their religious institution, school, camp, community or other organizations. Nick chose to build bird houses, a lot of birdhouses, to be placed in EcoScapes around Birmingham.

Nick and fellow Scout Denzel Royal brought kits to our meeting and guided the Webelos as they built the birdhouse. It was great to help Nick with his project and the boys enjoyed having real scouts lead them instead of listening to their den leader go on and on.