It’s great watching your kids grow up but the downside is they leave a lot of perfectly good clothing behind. Clothes you bought months ago become to small and if you there is a younger sibling then they get boxed up and put away until they can wear them. This is true with your cub scout uniforms as well. But what happens if there are no future cubs in your family? Some people give them to friends and some sell them in garage sales. I have another option for you.

Consider donating your old uniforms to the Pack 95 Uniform Closet. We will take your uniforms, store them and give them to another family for their Pack 95 Cub to use. There are no real requirements to access the closet. If you are short on funds and need some help there may be a uniform in the closet that would fit. Once your child grows out of that uniform we can add it back for someone else.

If you have some uniforms bring them to the meeting and give them to one of the leaders. Someone could probably use them.