I wanted to pass along a neat popcorn sales tool from our popcorn vender Trails End.  For those of you who picked up your popcorn sign-up sheets, you’ll see this information mentioned there as well

Yesterday, my son, Grissom and I set-up a unique log-on from the popcorn site that allows us to send ‘customized e-mails’ to our friends and family.  The set-up only takes about 10 minutes, including customizing the Avatar (something Grissom really enjoyed doing).  If your e-mail recipient clicks the link in the e-mail, it will take them to the site to review the products we’re carrying this year.  What’s cool is if they purchase something, it will automatically be registered under your son’s name.  As you get into the registration set-up, you’ll need to know our complete pack number, which is 3095.

If you have any questions or learn something that might benefit the others, please pass it along.

Now the introverts (me included) have a way to sell some serious popcorn!


Derek Pierce
Popcorn Kernel