All Pack 95 Webelos are encouraged to attend this Webelos only (and parent) campout. This event is designed to…

  1. Ready Webelos for camping with a Boy Scout troop.
  2. Complete requirements for Outdoorsman activity pin. A requirement for Arrow of Light.
  3. Have FUN!

The campout will start around noon on Saturday, December 8. Make sure to eat lunch before you get there. We will camp around the same area we did a year or so ago with the entire Pack. It’s in the trade days area.

The scouts will be expected to run this campout under Webelos leader direction. They will:

  • Setup tents and tarps
  • Start and maintain the fire
  • Prepare and cook their own dinner and
  • breakfast
  • Cleanup after dinner and breakfast
  • Run a campfire program with skits, songs, etc.
  • Run a scouts own service on Sunday.
  • Break down camp

When the Webelos move to a scout troop they will be expected to be able to do the these things. We will teach them during this campout.

Contact your Webelos leader for more information about this event and download the flier.