It’s the middle of March and the cub year is winding down. Cubs active in soccer and baseball have already started to spend more time on those activities. Around the country Cub Scouts are already being awarded their Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos and Arrow of Light Awards but not everyone has finished with their requirements. There is still time and you don’t have to miss out even though you may be focusing on baseball right now.

I encourage all parents to go and pickup their son’s handbook and review what needs to be done this spring to ensure that they receive the rank they are working for. For some people the list of requirements look like greek and they may feel overwhelmed. If it does, call your a pack or den leader and ask for help. I can about guarantee you that there are requirements in the book that your son has already accomplished. There are many more that may take just sitting down and talking with your Cub about. Spend the time to finish those now.

Keep an eye out for those requirements that take time. Wolves have two requirements that stick out.

3.A. says “Make a chart and keep track of your health habits for two weeks.” That’s doable.

4.E. says “Talk with your family members. Agree on the household jobs you will be responsible for. Make a list of your jobs and mark off when you have finished them. Do this for one month.” This is a requirement that will sneak up on you and if you wait to long may prevent your son from receiving his Wolf, and we don’t want that.

While you are looking through the requirements, take a moment to view the Arrow points. Your boy can’t receive an arrow until after he get’s his Wolf (or Bear) but he is already working on these requirements. Did he build a boat and car for the races? That’s two of ten to get your first wolf arrow.

We’ve had a great year so far so let’s end it on a high note.