At our November Pack meeting, we had a special guest, George. George is a therapy dog and he and his owner volunteer their time with Hand In Paw. Hand in Paw is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama and their professionally-trained volunteers help improve people’s day to day lives with animal-assisted therapy at numerous facilities throughout Central Alabama. George is just one of the dog’s and we are glad they could visit us and tell their story. Everyone got to pet George and they got a business card from him. If you would like to learn more about Hand in Paw and how you can donate your time and/or money, visit them at

The theme of this month’s meeting was Giving Thanks. We talked about how we give special thanks to our service members on Veteran’s day which was the day before and how the upcoming Thanksgiving Day is a way we celebrate our blessings of the year. The Scout Law tells us that a Scout is Reverent. Part of being reverent is acknowledging what we have and showing thanks for it.

We finished our meeting with another Bobcat ceremony for a few new Wolf scouts who just earned their badge. Bobcat is the first rank you earn no matter what age you start cub scouts at. Congratulations to these boys as they work towards earning Wolf this spring.

In my Cubmaster minute I gave the boys a task and one that I give you as well:

  • Be thankful for all we have
  • Be reverent by acknowledging what we have and show thanks for it
  • Thank our Veteran’s who serve our country and help protect us
  • Think about the blessings you have received this year during Thanksgiving
  • Be thankful every day

And now may the great master of all the scouts be with us until we meet again, Do your best!