Summer is a great time in Cub Scouts because things have slowed down some. There is no rush to finish advancements and with no school we have plenty of time to gear up for the new scout year and get a head start on advancements.

For me the summer is a great time to do all those things I didn’t finish during the year and to get ready for the fall events. The one thing I am doing is updating my Youth Protection Training. It expired last month and I need to do that. You should all check your Youth Protection Training and see if it has expired.

This year we need all the registered leaders to be fully trained for their position. All den leaders will need to train for the den they are moving into.You need to take time this summer to knock out your training. It doesn’t take very long at all and there is really no excuse not to have it.

One of the biggest hangups I have encountered is that people don’t know how to sign up at and take the training classes. For you I have produced a short video explaining how to sign up and take your online classes.

As interim Pack Trainer I ask that you email me your certificates of completion and I can keep up with everyone. You can view the video on our YouTube site.