Another Cub Scout Day Camp is in the bag. We had a great time this year with Pack 95 Cubs from all den ranks. The picture above is from the Webelos 1 den and include kids from Pack 95 and two others in the Vulcan district. We had just made shields in crafts and we got a picture before them became boys and destroyed them.

I could go on and on about all the fun we had. All the swimming, arts and crafts and nature hikes we took. I could talk about field sports and all the bottle rockets we launched. Instead I would rather take the time to thank the indviduals who helped us.

First off I want to thank Chris Chapman for being head cheerleader and master of spreadsheets. The car pool schedule could have been a nightmare but it came off with barely a hitch. Two years in a row he has done this.

Next I want to thank all the 5 day walking leaders. These adults took a week off from work to be with our kids and make sure they had a great time. They are: Joe Swaika, Marenda Swaika, Chris Chapman, Melvin Bishop and Shawn Wright.

We had other parents who showed up and filled in holes in the schedule and helped out for a day. They are: Mandy Pierce, David McLain, Drew Langloh, Andria Robinson, Judy Truitt, Joie Hoke, Leigh Langdon, Elizabeth Goodrich and Chris Hoke. Jesse McElroy filled for three days during the week.

And finally a thanks to all those people back in Homewood who helped move kids around and let kids stay with them as plans fell apart. I don’t know who you are but I know you helped. I did see Megan Wyatt so a thank you to you.

Thanks again, everyone. It’s this kind of involvement that makes being in Pack 95 so enjoyable.