There are two official uniforms accepted by the Boy Scouts of America. The class-A which is your regular blue Cub Scout uniform the boys and the tan shirt, green pants uniform for the leaders. There is also the class-b shirt which has been the blue t-shirt with the wolf howling at the moon that new scouts were given when they joined the pack.

It is time for a refresh so new shirts are coming. The yellow shirts will feature our new howling wolf logo which you may have seen on some of the flyers that have gone out lately. We are hoping to have this logo applied to the trailer in the near future.

Hopefully the shirts will be ready for the new scouts at the school night for scouting later this month and for existing scouts after that.

We have ordered a limited amount of adult-sized shirts for purchase. If you are a leader and want an alternative to the class-a uniform or you regularly go on scout events I would suggest you purchase one of these shirts for $10 each. This will help us offset some of the cost of the scouts shirts. I have 10 large, 10 extra large and a few 2XL. It’s first come first serve. If there is a great demand we can always order more.