We have finished the marching season at Pack 95 Homewood. After successful marches a the Birmingham Veterans Day Parade and the Homewood High School Homecoming Parade we have topped it off with our best parade yet, the Homewood Christmas Parade. The weather couldn’t have been better. It was cool enough to get us in the Christmas spirit but not so cold it made us miserable. In past years we have had snow and ice and cold that just about made it unbearable to throw candy.

Cubmaster Scott Glenn came up with a great solution for our float. He used pvc pipes to make loops and strung them with Christmas lights. The cab of the truck was adorned with two snowmen to light our way. Both sides of the truck had “Pack 95” so everyone would know who we are. The decorations were so good it won us the “Best Use of Lights” award from the parade organizers.

The marching season is but Pack 95 is only just getting started. We have our December meeting in a week or so and Pinewood Derby is just around the corner. We hope to see you before Christmas and if you aren’t in the spirit of the season just yet the video from the parade should do the trick.