The Wolf Den meeting with the residents at Mount Royal Towers

In 1909, W.D. Boyce was visiting in London when he got lost in the fog.  A young Scout stopped to help him find his way.  The Scout refused the tip Mr. Boyce offered, simply stating that he was “doing his daily good turn”.  That event would trigger the Boy Scouts of America movement.  On November 15, the Wolves went back to its roots and did their daily good deed by going to a local retirement home, Mount Royal Towers.

The Wolves had a meet-and-greet with some of the elderly residents.  They learned what it was like when the elderly was young and how much had changed over the years from toys to driving to television.  The Scouts new they were doing something special for the residents at the facility, but what they did not know they were also doing something special for themselves.  The Wolves enthusiastically expressed that they enjoyed the event as much as the elderly residents.  The Wolves are planning another daily good turn by caroling at the facility on December 15.