This post is just a repeat of the email that I sent about a week ago to start promoting the Blue and Gold Banquest which will be held on March 26 starting at 4 pm. Go ahead and make plans to attend.

This year I am going to change things up a little from your usual B&G banquet. Since B&G is to celebrate the birthday of the Boy Scouts of America, 101 this year, we will be having an ice cream banquet. And if my informal survey among cubs is any indication this is going to be a hit.

We will have gallons of ice cream with every topping known to cubs. In case I need to mention it, we won’t be having “dinner.” Good luck getting the kids to sleep that night.

Of course this event won’t happen without your participation. I’ll send out a formal sign up list later but we will need people on the following teams:

  • Ice cream servers
  • Decorations and setup
  • Cake auction
  • Clean up
  • Program

If you haven’t had a chance to lend a hand this year, this is your opportunity. My wife Leigh will be heading up decorations and Scott Phillips is head of programs.¬†All other spots are open.

Webelos parents need not apply. Not only is this a birthday party, it is the celebration of your son’s time as a cub and their crossing over to boy scouts. Just show up and enjoy the moment.

And what of this Cake Auction that is mentioned above? We’ll end the night with more sugar. We ask that you make a cake to be auctioned off to raise a few dollars for the pack. Have fun with it and make it as creative as possible.

Not much of a cook? Be ready to bid on the cake(s) of your dream. You might find a cake for $5, $10, $20 or maybe even more! You never know what will happen when the bidding starts.

That’s all for now but think about how you can help and when the volunteer form comes around make sure you sign up.