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Bobcats and Raingutter Regatta – October 2017

Bobcats and Raingutter Regatta – October 2017

The October pack meeting at Pack 95 is always a special, and busy, meeting. It is the time of the year we first hand out the Bobcat awards and follow it up with our annual Raingutter Regatta. Our original meeting was canceled due to Hurricane Nate, and we moved it to a three day weekend. Luckily most all our families made it back from their weekend plans.

We started off the meeting with a flag presentation by the Arrow of Light den, and we quickly followed up with the Bobcat ceremony. Each boy who earned Bobcat is asked to escort their Mother to the front. We give the Mother the Bobcat badge to award to their son. We give the son a Mother’s pin to give to their mom to thank them for supporting them on their cub scout journey. Mothers were also given a red ribbon to wear to ceremonies with all the mother’s pins they have been presented. It’s great to see all the ribbons and to see what their boys have accomplished. Some Mothers have multiple ribbons and some wear the ribbons of their sons in Boy Scouts.

The best part of the Bobcat ceremony is the face painting. This is where the boys take on the colors and spirit of scouting. As the Cubmaster reads the ceremony, leaders will paint the faces of the boys. They all seem to love this ceremony but especially at the end when they paint a white stripe on their mother’s nose to represent Love and Guidance. The ceremony is as follows

Cubmaster: Tonight our Pack has some boys who have worked very hard since joining Cub Scouts. Will the following boys and their parents please come forward to take on the colors and spirit of Cub Scouting? (say names)

*As each color is read, the color is painted on the boy’s face.

BLUE is from the sky. The paw print of the Bobcat on your forehead is the spirit of the bobcat. This reminds you to do your best on the Cub Scout Trail.

YELLOW is from the sun. The marks under your eyes will help you see the light of the Cub Scout trail, and they symbolize the bright spirit of Cub Scouting.

WHITE is for purity. The mark on your nose helps you know right from wrong as you go along the Cub Scout trail.

RED is for courage. The mark on your chin reminds you to always speak the truth.

GREEN stands for the spirit of nature. The marks on each cheek will guide you to live in harmony with the great outdoors.

**The boys are handed the white paint to paint their parent’s nose with a white stripe.

Again WHITE is for Love and guidance; your parents are always with you in your heart and your spirit. They will always do the right thing and will help you achieve all your Scout goals and keep you on the track of life until you are a man and can soar with the Eagles.

Raingutter Regatta

Immediately after the ceremony, we sent the den’s to different locations around the church grounds to compete against each other in the Raingutter Regatta. This year we mixed it up by having them blow through straws to move the boats.

Winners in each den were awarded medals and were entered into the Pack finals. Our final winners were awarded trophies created by our super-mom Jennifer Brown. The winning boats had a magnet glued to the bottom of the boat so they could be mounted on top of their trophy.

All the boys did a great job and showed great sportsmanship by supporting each other.

Thank you to everyone involved in presenting the meeting and regatta. Special thanks for Todd Starling for coordinating the event.

Hike at Red Mountain Park – August 26, 2017

Hike at Red Mountain Park – August 26, 2017

The pack took our annual hike at Red Mountain Park on Saturday, August 24th. We have been doing this for awhile now as a way to kick off the new Cub Scout year.

On Thursday night we had our Cub Scout Sign Up event Shades Cahaba and we welcomed in 23 new Cub Scouts. The boys are always very excited about getting started so we make sure we get out that next weekend and do a hike around Red Mountain Park. We visited mines #13 and #14 and we didn’t lose a single parent.

The Cubs will start attending den meetings in the next couple of weeks and our next pack meeting is September 10th. If you are still interested in joining Pack 95, contact us as soon as possible at

Pack 95 Sign Up Night – August 24th at 6 pm

Pack 95 Sign Up Night – August 24th at 6 pm

This Thursday, August 24th, Pack 95 will be having Cub Scout Sign Up Night at 6 pm in the Shades Cahaba Elementary School Cafeteria. Boys from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade are invited to sign up no matter what school you attend.

If you can’t make the meeting you can still join Pack 95. Contact Cubmaster Shawn Wright at to find out what you need to join us.

Our den’s have set their first meeting times and the Pack will have our next Pack meeting on September 10 at 4:30 at Shades Valley Lutheran Church. We are looking forward to the Raingutter Regatta, our Fall Campout, and getting our Pinewood Derby kits this fall. That is on top of all the fun adventures our den’s will be working on.

We look forward to meeting you on Thursday!

Summer Soaker 2017

Summer Soaker 2017

Summer Soaker 2017 took place on the grounds of Shades Valley Lutheran Church and it was a big hit again. The weather was always going to be an issue and with the rain we had been having over the past week or so, this Cubmaster did not think we would be able to pull the event off. We woke up to an overcast sky and a forecast that called for rain during the middle of the event which would turn it into a true Soaker.

The super slide was constructed on the side of the hill. The inflatable slide was inflated with no surprise holes and the pools filled with water. Cubs and siblings started showing up and the sun came out! We had great participation and everyone had a great time. At lunch, we fired up the grill and made hot dogs. The soaker was over at 1 pm and the adults took down the slides and pools to be stored until this time next year.

This was a July event for the Summertime Activity Pins. Cubs who showed up AND came to an event in June are in line to receive their Summertime activity pins once they participate in an August event.

Thanks to all the adults who helped put this event on and stayed to take down the slides. We couldn’t do it without you.


Pack 95 Calendar

Visit the calendar page to view that pack calendar. This is the same calendar that is used in Scoutbook.

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