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Shades Valley Lutheran Church in Homewood
Lions learn about being good citizens

Lions learn about being good citizens

Pack 95 is one of the units in the Greater Alabama Program that is part of the Lion den pilot program rolled out by the BSA. This program is for Kindergarten-age boys.

Our Lion den has been a great success due to the work of our den leader and the parents in the den who have embraced the program and shared in the leadership to present this program.

The den is working on their “King of the Jungle” adventure which teaches the boys how to be good citizens and leaders in their “Jungle.” They also made flag mosaics as they learn about the flag.

Raingutter Regatta 2016

Raingutter Regatta 2016

At the November 13 Pack meeting our cub scouts participated in the annual Raingutter Regatta. Each of our cubs is given a boat kit that they take home and build with their moms, dads or other family member. They bring back their customized boats and compete against each other by blowing into the boat’s sails and race down a rain gutter. The boys have a great time competing against each other and it gives them the opportunity to get a little practice building something before we have our Pinewood Derby race at the beginning of the year.

Before the race, we awarded our new cubs with the Bobcat award. This is the first award a new scout must earn before they move on to the award for their grade such as Tiger or Wolf. Congratulations on these boys, and mothers, make sure you wear your ribbon to the ceremony where they earn their next rank award.

Fall 2016 Campout — Monte Sano State Park

Fall 2016 Campout — Monte Sano State Park

On the weekend of October 8-9, 2016, Pack 95 took our annual fall campout to Monte Sano State Park outside of Huntsville, Alabama. The pack had camped there once before and we looked forward to another great campout.

Some of the pack setup on the mountain on Friday before to get ready for the majority of cubs to show up on Saturday. Due to the lack of rain it was a very dusty campout but we did make it before the statewide ban on campfires went into effect.

Saturday we took a hike around the mountain and to see what the park had to offer. That night we had a campfire program and then many people left to attend the astronomy program conducted by the Von Braun Astronomical Society. This non-profit organization maintains a planetarium and observatory within Monte Sano State Park.

Fall campout is always special because this is the first campout for many people. We were especially excited to have a few of our Lions attend the campout. Lions are the new program for kindergarten aged boys and Pack 95 is one of the few packs with this pilot program in place.

We had a great time and are already planning our next campout this spring.



Scouting grows young boys into young men

Citizenship. Perspective. Community involvement. Independence. Collaboration.

These are the qualities and strengths Scout mom Catherine watches develop in her son as he participates in Scouting. In this video you will hear her share how her only child feels the camaraderie of a troop as tight as siblings. He’s grown up with his best friends, as they share experiences in the life-changing adventures ushered by Scouting.

And Catherine’s son isn’t the only one who feels part of the Scouting family. Catherine explains how parents and volunteers are embraced in a network of support. She says it best “When you want to grow a young boy into a young man, you really don’t have a better choice than Scouting.”

If you would like to know more about Cub Scouts and Pack 95, we invite you to attend our Scout Sign Up night on August 25 at 6:00 pm. We will meet at the Shades Cahaba Elementary Cafeteria. If you have any questions, contact Cubmaster Joe Swaika at

We hope to see you at sign up.

Pack 95 Calendar

Visit the calendar page to view that pack calendar. This is the same calendar that is used in Scoutbook.

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