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Shades Valley Lutheran Church in Homewood
Pack 95 Sign Up Night – August 24th at 6 pm

Pack 95 Sign Up Night – August 24th at 6 pm

This Thursday, August 24th, Pack 95 will be having Cub Scout Sign Up Night at 6 pm in the Shades Cahaba Elementary School Cafeteria. Boys from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade are invited to sign up no matter what school you attend.

If you can’t make the meeting you can still join Pack 95. Contact Cubmaster Shawn Wright at to find out what you need to join us.

Our den’s have set their first meeting times and the Pack will have our next Pack meeting on September 10 at 4:30 at Shades Valley Lutheran Church. We are looking forward to the Raingutter Regatta, our Fall Campout, and getting our Pinewood Derby kits this fall. That is on top of all the fun adventures our den’s will be working on.

We look forward to meeting you on Thursday!

Summer Soaker 2017

Summer Soaker 2017

Summer Soaker 2017 took place on the grounds of Shades Valley Lutheran Church and it was a big hit again. The weather was always going to be an issue and with the rain we had been having over the past week or so, this Cubmaster did not think we would be able to pull the event off. We woke up to an overcast sky and a forecast that called for rain during the middle of the event which would turn it into a true Soaker.

The super slide was constructed on the side of the hill. The inflatable slide was inflated with no surprise holes and the pools filled with water. Cubs and siblings started showing up and the sun came out! We had great participation and everyone had a great time. At lunch, we fired up the grill and made hot dogs. The soaker was over at 1 pm and the adults took down the slides and pools to be stored until this time next year.

This was a July event for the Summertime Activity Pins. Cubs who showed up AND came to an event in June are in line to receive their Summertime activity pins once they participate in an August event.

Thanks to all the adults who helped put this event on and stayed to take down the slides. We couldn’t do it without you.


The Pack Visits Vulcan

The Pack Visits Vulcan

This Saturday, June 24, 2017, Pack 95 took a trip to visit Vulcan. Vulcan is one of those places that is so close but we rarely go to visit. The rain got out of town just in time and we made our way to the original Iron Man, Vulcan.

Vulcan Park provided us with two scavenger hunts. One was for outside and the statue. Unfortunately for the adults, the elevator was not working, but it didn’t bother the Cubs at all. We hiked to the top to get a view of the city. It was fun seeing everyone’s reaction to standing on the balcony at the top the tower. When you can see through the floor it makes every step tentative. Luckily it wasn’t bad enough that no one wanted to step onto it.

After finishing the outdoor scavenger hunt, we moved indoor to the museum and our second scavenger hunt. We read stories about Birmingham and how the statue was made. Those of us old enough to remember told stories about the “popsicle” that Vulcan held in his hand before the latest renovation. This cone glowed with green neon and would turn red if someone died in an accident on the Birmingham roadways.

We all had a great time and I was able to get some of the boys to pose at the top of the statue. This concludes our June events and we are looking forward to our July events, the summer soaker and our pajama movie night.

USS Alabama Overnighter, June 10, 2017

USS Alabama Overnighter, June 10, 2017

Pack 95 Cubs and Dads spent a great night aboard the Battleship USS Alabama in Mobile on June 10, 2017. Our Pack had the opportunity to learn about the USS Alabama in World War II and to explore huge parts of the ship that afternoon and evening. We also explored the USS Drum Submarine, which ranked 8th among all U.S. Navy subs for the amount of enemy shipping tonnage she sank.

We went from sea to air where we saw over 20 airplanes from World War II all the way through Desert Storm. There was a B-52 bomber on the grounds and an A-12 “Blackbird” spy plane in the museum.

We had a dinner of pizza and cookies before we finally got around to settling down in our own berth. The bunks were stacked 3-high and side-by-side. To give you an idea of where we slept, we were forward of the front-most gun in the bow of the ship. Two huge tubes went through our room that contained the anchor chains. You could see the curve of the ship’s bow on the wall.

The next morning we woke up and had a cold breakfast of pastries, pop tarts, and milk before leaving the USS Alabama at 8 am. We had the opportunity to walk around the ship some more but most people took the opportunity to head home, to the beach or other vacations tacked on to our overnighter.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this trip happen. If you didn’t get the chance to go, we will probably go again in the next couple of years so get your earplugs ready!


Pack 95 Calendar

Visit the calendar page to view that pack calendar. This is the same calendar that is used in Scoutbook.

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